Featured Game

Vinh 's Game
(Price: 1.00000 ETC / person)


  1. Nancy
  2. Boong
  3. Bo
  4. Bin
  5. Vinh

A particular game

a game is represented by a ref code 15bcaea9f40474 in a link http://game.5la.net/game/15bcaea9f40474

This game has

  • 5 people in list with position from 1 to 5
  • Need 5 ETC to Join the game.

When John join the game:

  • He pays every people in list, each person receives 1 ETC
  • Nancy gets out of the list (She is still in game 15bcaea9f40474)
  • New list with position 1: Boong, 2:Bo, 3:Bin, 4:Vinh, 5:John
  • John becomes the owner of the game represented by another ref code
  • John now can start sharing his ref code link and enjoy the game ...

Why have to join from John's game

  • People force to join from ref code link
  • Without ref code people have to pay an additional big FEE 1% to join some default games of server

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The game is designed for payment using ETC - Ethereum Classic. You need to have enough amount in your ETC wallet to activate the game you joined. You need a real email to Signup for an account too.

Step 1: Signup for an account

  • Go from a ref code link like: http://game.5la.net/game/15bcaea9f40474. If the ref code is correct it will show the game with all its information
  • . Then click JOIN THE GAME or Sign Up at the top of that page
  • or Signup for an account
  • You need a real email, wallet address to receive payment from people join your game

Step 2: Verify your email

  • Check your email
  • Click activate link in your email inbox

Step 3: Load your balance

  • As soosn as you registering your account, the system create a private game.5la.net ETC wallet address for you automatically
  • To load your balance please send some amount to your game.5la.net ETC wallet

Step 4: Activate the game

  • Login to admin area and go to Games -> Joined Games
  • You see games you joined with 0% FEE there, you too see some default games what you have to pay an additional fee to activate.
  • Click activate the game you want
  • If you have enought amount in your balance the game will be activated

Step 5: Share your game

  • In Games -> Joined Games click Game link Icon to see the game link
  • Use the game link to share, introduce, invite people to join your game
  • When peole click your game link we create a session what match to your game, when they join the game you will get payment from them

When registering your account we create a private game.5la.net ETC wallet address for you automatically

To load your balance, please send some amount to your game.5la.net ETC wallet

You can use the balance to pay, activate the game ...

You can use the balance to transfer to any ETC addresses

If you don't enter an ETC address, We will set your game.5la.net ETC wallet as your payout address.

When people join the game what has you in its list, you get payment automatically into your payout address

After activate at least a game you are enable to create your own games what you define how many people in game list, how much price for a person

You are enable to see who pay you in Transaction history and see all the children games what have you as root

mine ETC - Ethereum Classic coins?